Colin Reed

Year 2

No, Georgia and I are not together anymore. that doesn't seeem like a very newspaper-y question.

Oliver Rennert

Year 2

Isn't Shakespeare so romantic? I mean, people today don't really do the kind of things for love that they do in his plays, do they? I for one can't wait to start rehearsals! I don't really care what part I get, but I definitely want it to be part of one of the love plots!

Cecily Vanderberg

Year 1

This is one of the coolest projects i've ever done, and that counts the time down in the World of the Living when I had to take care of this adorable baby chick for a week. I named her Wonder Woman. Ooh, maybe Cecily and i should get a chick to keep in our room?!

Obviously I'm going to be Viola and Colin is going to be Orsino. This conversation is a waste of my time.

Georgia Sinclaire

Year 2

Doesn't matter to me, really, as long as i get to swing a sword. They had those then, right? 

Marcus Riley

Year 2

 I think this will finally be my chance to shine. I got this. 

Briana Clark

Year 2

I don't think it went very well. I mean, I kind of tripped and flung myself across the stage by accident. Do you think they will hold that against me?

Chloe McAvoy

Year 2

Lucy Chadwick

Year 1

Mia Bennett

Year 2

Despite the fact that SOMEONE wished me good luck--can you believe the ignorance?--I completely killed it. Orsino is MINE. Mark my words.  

Guys, is this really the best piece

you could think of? where's stacy?

What part would

you get?



The Shakespeare Edition

It's that time again! Limbo Central's English I students are about to embark on their Shakespeare Unit, and the Limbolater has the exclusive on what to expect. We interviewed this year's English I students after their Twelfth Night auditions for Ms. Barnard's Shakespeare Unit, and here's what some students had to say about how it went, which part they each expect to be cast in, and what they expect from this exciting project.

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