Colin Reed

Year 2

To make it to the next level of Zombie Hunters. Oh, and, to learn how to surf. 

Oliver Rennert

Year 2

This year, I resolve to be a better friend, Cheerleader, and Limbos member. Oh! And I also want to be a better girlfriend to Marcus. I already bought him the best gift ever--a brand-new pair of awesome headphones!  

Shhhh...don't say anything! 

Cecily Vanderberg

Year 1

In my next year at Limbo, (even though I've literally only been here two months), I resolve to be totally calm and zen about EVERYTHING--bye, bye, Emotional Girl!

See ya ;-) Also, I resolve to have no more balls thrown at my head. 

I vow to get over Colin Reed and be named Ghostcoming Queen. King TBD. 

Georgia Sinclaire

Year 2

To get Figure of Speech a gig at

Dead Man's Cave. And get Cecily to actually come to this one.

Marcus Riley

Year 2

To ace my year 2 exam, and get the lead

in this year's Spring musical. 

Briana Clark

Year 2

To make up with Georgia. I mean, mending friendships is always a good thing, right?

Chloe McAvoy

Year 2

This year I'm gonna beat Trey down the Black Diamond slope, earning bragging rights for the rest of my Afterlife. And make the front page of the Limbolator with one of my articles. 

Lucy Chadwick

Year 1

Mia Bennett

Year 2

What's YOUR New Year's


Kick some MAJOR butt on the Limbos, and learn how to turn my hair white because right now I can only do this light orange color that's beyond VOM. Anyway, it's gonna look AH-MA-ZING. 



New Year's Resolutions


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