Jazmyne Asks . . . What's your favorite part in Ghostcoming!?

First of all . . . Happy New Year! I'm sorry I haven't posted an answer to a question in a little while. I took a bit of a hiatus in December, but I'm back and excited to answer my first question of 2018!

I had so much fun writing Ghostcoming! that it's hard to pick my favorite part! But, since you asked, I must answer. One of my favorite scenes in Ghostcoming! is when Lucy and Colin are swimming during their lesson and Lucy asks Colin to go to the dance with her. In this particular scene, I wrote Lucy as a braver version of myself when I was her age. I wish I had had the confidence and courage to be so open and honest when I was younger, like she is in this scene. It's hard to tell someone that you like them, no matter how old you are and no matter what the other person's response might be. I STILL wish I could be as brave as Lucy is in this moment. I love how vulnerable she is, and that the response isn't the one she hopes for. It's moments like these in our lives that build character and make us stronger, and this scene certainly serves as one of those important moments for Lucy's character, and influences the decisions she makes in the future.

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