Kimberly Asks . . . How do you get inspiration and motivation to create these books?

I remember middle school like it was yesterday, so a lot of my inspiration for the things that happen in Happily Ever Afterlife comes from my very own experiences when I was Lucy's age. For example,

I was a pretty serious ballet dancer when I was young, and I danced from the age of around four until I was about sixteen years old. That’s where the inspiration for Lucy’s ballet outfit and her love of dance come from. I remember trying to figure out how to balance my friendships with other dancers, knowing that they wanted the same exact parts in the ballet recitals that I wanted, so that helped to inspire Lucy and Cecily’s relationship. I remember feeling all the same things that Lucy feels, and I use that to inspire me when I write these stories. I hope that when kids read these books, they realize that they aren’t alone in feeling whatever it is they are feeling—whether it’s loneliness, jealousy, uncertainty, or insecurity, whatever it is, we have all felt that way in our lives! I know I did when I was Lucy’s age, and sometimes, I still do. My motivation is to create stories that help kids feel like someone understands them. I hope you ALL feel that way!

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