Abi Asks . . . How Do You Make Your Books So Good?

First off, I want to say a BIG "Thank you!" to Abi for loving the books so much, and sending me a personal message AND a question. I love getting messages from readers! Next, Abi wants to know how I make my Afterlife books so good, and I suppose the simplest answer is: I take my cues from my life and the things that have happened to me, and then I figure out how I can write about them. Lucy's afterlife is just as complicated as real life (in fact, it might even be more complicated!), and I know that my readers' lives are complicated, too. So, I don't think one plot line is enough, because that's not how real life works. There's always more than one thing happening at any given time as we go about our lives, and all of those things seem to intersect and intertwine somehow. So, why should the Afterlife be any different? I think those intersecting plots in each book are a big part of why the books have received such an awesome response from my fans. I hope you all agree!

#middlegradebooks #happilyeverafterlife #scholastic #middleschool #childrensbooks #writing #authors

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