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One of my favorite things about stories is how honestly we, as human beings, connect with them on deeply emotional and artistic levels. When a story can touch readers at their very core AND become a market success, well, that can feel almost like magic. Unfortunately, when you're the writer, this magic combination can start to feel like the Golden Goose. But don’t lose hope (or your mind!) just yet. 


I'm now going to say something that might seem sacrilegious, so brace yourselves. 


​Books are products. There it is, I said it. 


Beautiful, heartwarming, intellectual, informative, sweet, funny, clever products -- but products nonetheless. I know it sounds dreadful, but it's actually a good thing! It means we can use our understanding of the industry, the audience, the reader (user) experience, marketing knowledge, and analysis of the competition to consistently and methodically evaluate stories at various stages of development and set a course for success. (Hooray!) 


If you choose to work with me, I’ll work with you to understand all of these interwoven factors and use them to propel your stories to new heights.

See options below for all services and prices. 

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Content Consultation

Do you have an idea that you want to get off the ground? Think you would benefit from a brainstorming partner who can help you take from a great idea to a well thought-out proposal or rough draft? Then this service is for you! In our 40-minute video content consultation, I'll review your idea and brainstorm with you to establish a clear direction, move-forward steps, and answer any questions you have regarding your idea's marketability in the publishing world.

With my 20+ years of writing, content creation, and acquisitions, I will review your idea from multiple perspectives – including but not limited to a big picture review of the plot and its ultimate purpose or message, character motivation, target audience, market viability, user experience – and work together with you to find your story. 


What your session includes:

  • 40-minute video call

  • Review of up to 2,000 words

  • Answers to industry questions 

  • Follow-up check-in via email

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Editorial Portfolio

This portfolio highlights titles that I have acquired, developed, and edited as a publishing professional. Slide your mouse over the images for more information about each title.    

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