My story

I am from a small suburb of Albany, New York, where the most exciting thing to do as a teenager was park somewhere illegally. I grew up with three sisters—two older, one younger—in a household with one phone line and a seniority rule, so I spent most nights talking on the phone at 3 am, pausing every few minutes to listen in fear for my father’s footsteps. After high school, I moved to New York City to attend Barnard College, Columbia University, where I double majored in Psychology and English and got rejected from the Poetry department. I always loved writing, but it wasn’t until a few years after graduation that I started writing fiction and taking it seriously. My first original board book, Mister Doodle: C Is for City, came out in 2011, followed shortly by the second book in the series, Mister Doodle: A Color for Sketch. There are currently 4 books in the Happily Ever Afterlife series,  but I'm planning to bring the world back to life online soon.


I live in NJ with my husband, Ben, my three step-daughters, Liora, Shoshana, and Rivka, and one adorable pup named Austen (after Jane, of course!) Isn't she cute?!


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