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My name is Orli Zuravicky. I am a creative and driven children’s publishing professional with 20+ years of experience in writing, editing, acquisitions, content creation, quality management, and editorial management. My experience is focused on content for ages 0-18, for both fiction and nonfiction. I love working with content and talented creators to make beautiful, quality books for all types of readers. A child's view of the world and their role in it -- as well as their early social, emotional, and skill-based learning -- is shaped and built by the content the Kidlit industry creates. This, I know, is a privilege that comes with an awesome responsibility. 


I grew up in a small suburb of Albany, New York, where the most exciting thing to do as a teenager was park somewhere illegally. I grew up with three sisters—two older, one younger—in a household with one phone line and a seniority rule, so I spent most nights talking on the phone at 3 am, pausing every few minutes to listen in fear for my father’s footsteps. After high school, I moved to New York City to attend Barnard College, Columbia University, where I double majored in Psychology and English and got rejected from the Poetry department. But this did not deter me! My first job in children's publishing was as an intern at a small, educational publisher in NYC, during college. From the moment I started there, I was hooked and never looked back.


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